Our external notary service stands out for its professionalism, experience and commitment to excellence in the legal field. We work with a team of highly trained notaries who are knowledgeable about the legal system, who keep abreast of the latest regulations and legislative changes to provide up-to-date and accurate advice.

The main services offered by our external notary include:

  1. Drafting and review of contracts: Our notarial team is trained to draft and review a wide variety of legal contracts, such as sales contracts, leases, loans, among others. We guarantee that the contracts comply with the legal requirements and faithfully reflect the agreements reached between the parties.
  2. Legalization of documents: The external notary is responsible for the legalization of documents, ensuring their validity and authenticity. This service is essential for those clients who need to present documents before government entities, financial institutions or any other entity that requires notarial certification.
  3. Wills and probate: We advise our clients in the planning and writing of wills, ensuring that their wishes are carried out and that future conflicts are avoided. In addition, we provide advisory services in the field of inheritance, guiding the beneficiaries through the process of distributing assets and compliance with the corresponding legal obligations.
  4. Powers of attorney and legal representations: Our external notary offers services for the creation of powers of attorney and legal representations, allowing our clients to designate trusted persons to act on their behalf in specific situations. This can be especially helpful in cases of illness, extended travel, or the need for legal representation in business transactions.
  5. General legal advice: Our external notary also provides general legal advice in a wide range of areas, such as corporate law, real estate law, labor law, among others. We have a multidisciplinary team of legal professionals who can help our clients navigate complex legal issues and provide appropriate guidance.

Our notary service is an invaluable resource for our clients, providing them with access to high-quality, reliable legal services. We work closely with a notary with great professionals to ensure that all the legal needs of our clients are addressed in a comprehensive and effective manner, providing peace of mind and legal certainty in all their transactions and legal matters.

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