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In our Farms and Properties service, we care about providing a comprehensive approach that covers all aspects related to legal and notary issues. We know that the legal part is fundamental in any real estate transaction, which is why we offer complete and reliable advice to guarantee a safe and worry-free experience.

Our team of experts in legal and notarial matters is highly trained and has extensive experience in the real estate sector. We are prepared to advise you at each stage of the process, from the drafting of deeds and rental or sale contracts to the management of taxes associated with real estate transactions.

When it comes to deeds, we understand the importance of having clear, accurate, and legally valid documents. We work closely with notaries and professionals who are responsible for drafting and formalizing the deeds properly, making sure that all parties involved are legally protected.
In addition, we take care of the preparation of rental or sale contracts that meet your needs and protect your interests. Whether you are renting a farm for the season or buying a property for your family, we make sure that the contracts are fair, clear and cover all relevant aspects, giving you the peace of mind that you have solid and legal agreements.

We also take care of the management of taxes associated with real estate transactions. We know that tax aspects can be complex, so our team will keep up to date on current tax regulations and will provide you with the necessary advice to properly comply with your tax obligations.
Our Farms and Properties service not only focuses on helping you find the perfect place, but we also care about ensuring that all legal and notary aspects are covered. With our expert advice on deeds, rental contracts, sales and taxes, you can be confident that your real estate experience will be transparent, secure and without legal complications.

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