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We offer a multiple services and packages to help make your day to day life easier. Let MG take care of the procedures that hinder you in Spain, giving your peace of mind and support in your own language.


Taxes and paper work

We offer each client personalized attention according to your needs. Keeping up to date on new tax regulations providing you with sound advice in a complex world of taxes.


We offer a wide range of insurance with a wide range of coverage adapted to well-being and safety. We including Life, Health, Car and Motor, Home, Public liability and more.


We manage your residence collaborating with the best lawyers in the region, we accompany you on your appointments by following up and personalized advice.

Our main objective is to make our clients day to day life easier.

Our approach is based on personalized attention, working closely with each client to understand their specific needs and adapt our solutions to their individual circumstances. We offer a wide range of services in the same office, you can make an appointment with professionals in each sector without having to travel.
In addition, we offer you all the information free of charge and without obligation.

Taxes resident / non-resident
Inheritance and wills
Driving licence
We accompany you to your appointments

Some of our main services most demanded.



Our specialty in legal services are residence permits and immigration in general, exchanges in the DGT, contracts (real estate, sales…) for this we have the best professionals in the Murcia region.
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We manage your taxes both as a resident and as a non-resident in a personalized way, we adapt to each case and situation for the correct compliance with tax obligations and thus provide peace of mind to our clients.
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Inheritance is the set of assets, rights and obligations that a person leaves upon death, we manage both the will and the procedures and procedures of the legal heirs or designated persons.
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Solar energy, electric bills

We offer personalized savings studies according to your consumption through your invoices in a simple and non-binding way, as well as any change in your existing contract (modification of data…)
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We offer a wide range of insurance with all types of coverage adapted to well-being and safety.


Adapted to the conditions of your trip, it protects your well-being wherever you are.


High quality and exclusive medical service provided by ASSSA experts.


With home assistance center 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Start enjoying today the tranquility that you will leave tomorrow.


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If you have doubts or questions that we do not resolve on this page, you can contact us by calling the telephone number that appears above. Call and we will resolve any questions you have regarding our services.

Frequent questions

What do I need to manage my taxes as a non-resident?

Fiscal data of the people (NIE, passport…) the latest taxes, deeds of the house, address, country in which you pay taxes and bank details. (Depending on the situation, you must provide extra documentation.)

What do I need to manage my taxes as a resident?

Fiscal data of the people (NIE, passport…) the latest taxes, deeds of the house, address, details of income from work or pension, real estate capital (rentals), capital gains and bank details. (Depending on the situation, you must provide extra documentation.)

You speak English?

We speak Spanish and English, so we can accompany you to all your appointments to help you with the procedures in person. Help you with the official documents you receive and do not understand…

Is it necessary to go to the office?

You can have an appointment in our office or you can manage everything via email from wherever you are. We offer you all possible facilities.

When does a foreigner have to pay taxes in Spain?

The AEAT non-resident taxation applies to people who reside in Spanish territory for less than 183 days a year. When you reside for more than 183 days in Spain, you must already pay taxes as a Spanish resident, in addition to applying for residence

What do I have to do to lower my electricity bill?

You only have to bring your electricity bill and we will make a comparison, if you agree with the change we will manage it for you.

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